saberico / english

Wow! We´re already eleven years old. Almost a teenager!😀😄
our kitchen philosophy hasn´t  changed, but there is more than 500 products
that come out of our kitchens, chocolate shop and bakery.
An enormous amount some might say, but they have all appeared for one reason.
To care for our clients in the best way. The Saberico way.
We were born with the idea of offering food the way our grandmothers cooked,
fresh and soulful, using the best of ingredients. They then, didn´t  have to worry about
chemical pesticides or fertilizers. We do. So, we have been growing together,
with people almost obsessed with the idea of organic farming.
We have loved to see them grow in numbers over the years.
Since the begining we have taken great care with the ingredients we use. Our kitchens are
free of chemicals, preservatives and bought seasonings, everything is as natural and
organic as we can find it.
Our first clients were tourists, that descended from the shuttles that brought and took
them from La Antigua to the different atractive destinations in our beautiful country.
We served them sándwiches, salads, fruit salads, cookies, pies and cakes. Soon after, we
added food to go, this food contains no wheat flour as thickner so to be able to
offer it to our celiac clients. All this from the small area that the deli takes up today
at Saberico Antigua.
In the begining, it was  sandwiches that we served the most and to be sure of what
we were offerng, we had to produce our own bread. A whole wheat loaf, without
any chemicals to extend shelf life. It´s delicious. We still bake it and we can offer
it whole or sliced. The bakery line has grown a lot since then, our line already
includes: baguettes, brioche, a coconut bread that competes head to head with the best
out of Puerto Barrios or Livinston, pretzels, champurradas, crackers and more. Our
Sour Dough bread is exceptional. To give you an idea of what Saberico is all about
the yeast for our sourdough was developed from the grapes that grow on the vine in
the first patio at our restaurant in Antigua. These organically grown grapes are also
steeped in a good Guatemalan rum for about six months and then coated in  70%
cacao chocolate. We also turn them into a delicios jam, but that is another story…